Fire Stopping Services

Fire stopping services work by having systems in place that seal gaps in fire doors, seal electrical wall switches, consumer units and many other vulnerabilities in the building.

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If you are responsible for a property, it is a legal requirement for you to have a functional and well-maintained fire alarm system. Not only is this a legal requirement but it will usually also be a condition of the building’s insurance and in most cases finance agreements.

Fire alarm systems are not limited to just an alarm and sensor panels. Consideration needs to also be made for an appropriate escape route, whether a sprinkler system is required, fire doors or fire stopping measures are needed to be put in to place along with how many sensors the building will require, and emergency trigger points should be set out.

Fire alarms must be provided for the following 3 main reasons:

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Current UK fire alarm regulations state that all business premises must have “an appropriate fire detection system”.

The most efficient way of understanding and tracking your risks it to complete your “Fire Risk Assessment”, which takes a careful look at your premises and the people who use them from a fire prevention perspective.

We offer a fire risk assessment and then a full fire alarm installation service so that you can always feel safe, knowing that you are compliant with you legal, insurance and financing obligations.